Frequently asked questions

What are Advantage of Bamboo?

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Is Bamboo (SARKANDA) Furniture Toxic?

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How Long does Bamboo Furniture Last?

Natural Bamboo Durability, Without any protective treatment, most Bamboo species have an averagae natural durability of less than 2 year, stored under cover untreated Bamboo last.

Which Kind of Bamboo Furniture is Best?

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Bamboo (SARKANDA) is Comfortable for Sitting?

Why is Bamboo Furniture so Expensive?

The Process of Making Bamboo Plywood is Harder to make than traditional plywood. Also Shipping adds to the cost, as most of it is made in Asia, It is also a harder more dense building material. in general the thicker and harder the building material. the more expensive it is.

Is Bamboo Good for Furniture?

In Summary, Bamboo i sa Great Choice for Furniture, In its Raw form, as processed plank and as a Fabric.