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Bamboo Furniture Making With


We are starting with the aim for support this Artisans & Make this Art reachable to every home of society.

About Company

Bamboo Sticks (SARKANDA)

Handmakers Private Limited

Handmakers is a premium brand in handmade Bamboo Furniture(Sarkanda). Each of our products is built with a lot of intricacies and customer satisfaction in mind. Our products are sourced from the rural artisans who put a lot of effort into creating these products. We help them in getting the right price for their hard work and thus promoting a sustainable economy. Something special with a human touch for those moments in life that deserve imagination. All handmade goods have something of the maker in them. When a handmade object is acquired, an invisible human bond is created between the maker and the user. You simply don’t get this bond in mass-manufactured ‘whatever. Being handmade has also always implied the highest quality goods made by master craftspeople. Who have enormous talent, training, and experience? We strive to lead with our principles and to help spread ideas of sustainability and responsibility whose impact can reach far beyond our own business

Raw Material

  1. Bamboo Sticks (SARKANDA)

The SARKANDA grow abundantly in Rajasthan. Due to high proximity and availability to the raw materials the price of the SARKANDA is low.

It grows will in the rainy season and harvested


The Pula is the part of the SARKANADA. It cut from the SARKANDA before it is used. Pula is used by Artisan to covered the shape of Edge of SARKANDA Sticks. They have very tiny spikes on them which can be felt if you run your hand through them.


The Artisan is used to Natural MUNJ Baan, Cotton and Nylon Yarns. This is because of the change the demand of market price restriction, speed of work and bright vivid colors that are available

Making Process of Bamboo Furniture


Cleaning of Bamboo Sticks (SARKANDA) and Cut into Separate Parts & Size Depending on the Product. Like as Chair, MUDDA & Table.

The artisan prefers to use thicker yarn in the center of Bamboo MUDDA. So that it remains sturdy and thinner yarn both the end. They start the making process of Bamboo Furniture.

The Number of Bamboo Sticks Depended on the Size of Babmoo MUDDA, Chair and Other. Normally 170 Sticks Used for Bamboo Mudda Stool with 16”.

After Joining All Sticks together and Carefully picked them and attached the both ends together.


He take the Thapki and bets the mudda to make the sticks in uniformly. The Thapki is used every now and then to keep the Mudda Uniform.

Repeating the Looping Process He Did in 6 Steps on Both Ends of the Mudda to Contract the Size of mudda and Stability to it.


Mohari Bandhna. Crafts Man take a bunch of pula and Tie Them around to Cover the sharp Sticks and adding protection.


After It Crafts Man Start The Weaving With Desire Rassi and Color .

Then Crafts Man Starting The Winding from Bottom Side and finish it.


Like As

Work Environment

We started with organized process. What do we want we discuss with our team and Inspire and motivate by sharing our thought. Work together as team take list of priorities and organized all task. Next we & our team member create an organized planning start manufacturing with Artisan’s.

Ensure proper training and schedule regular task check INS. After that selecting Weaving pattern design and product likes as bamboo Mudda stool, Chair and so on.

Division of Labour & Artisan’s

There are 10-15 Artisan With 2-3 Labour Working With Us. All Artisan have same place. Our Leader Applied an Organized Process to Making Bamboo (Sarkand) Furniture (Mudda, Chair and So on.)

These are some Steps to Divided by Labour & Artisan’s:

Clean of Sarkanda, & Fresh the Rassi (Rope Material)

Frame Creation as per Required

Rope Winding Both Edges

Weaving Expert, Full Fill Weaving Part.

Finish touching

Market of Bamboo Furniture (Sarkanda).


The People are Attracted with Natural & Handmade Bamboo Furniture (Mudda, Chair & so on.). As the time pass we change consumer patter for choosing the product, we develop our product range as not for craft display but as a craft utility.

In bamboo art we just make innovative options for furniture buyers.

Customer gets attracted to add these arts at their Rooms, Garden and rooftops


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