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Start Up


In first month of year 2018, the two Founders Rahul Gupta and Shailesh Agrawal found. That there is requirement of someone who can help Local Handmade Artisan’s and there lost Art and make recognized them at some big Platform.

The major challenge for us is that they are unorganized in terms of Finance, Demand, and Skill. They are selling their Talents to local Vendors in Lower Cost. Due to Lack of resource of market the handmade artisan their generation (Siblings) leaves their traditional art work and make themselves jobless or Labour.

Discovering of Product

As we thing for local’s we start finding Handmade Art’s in our Local Area. So we decided go with these 3 Categories

Bamboo Furniture, Jute Craft, Wooden Weaving Furniture.

Way to Make Brand

We denote all these art product Brand name Handmakers. The Name Self Denotes Everything. We solute this problem by organized these artisan in terms of designs, finance, sales, skills technology etc. we start settling their products fr5om local market to all India and export (Future) so they get regular work and good cost of their art we also involve more peoples from their siblings and trained them so these art can be explore widely and peoples they get Employment.

To make these products reachable to every home we retained this brand with ecommerce and start selling this art through market place Channels

We are Introduce our brand website for sales and awareness.



  1. In early stage the most important challenge maintain a daily wage earning for them without any sale.

  2. Maintaining Quality Symmetric.

  3. Motivate them to leave their Ordinary Selling (Local) and Design.

  4. Motivate them for to be trained for Extra Ordinary.

Maintain Product Design which is good and easily Approachable for them


​Working Process

We started with organized process. What do we want we discuss with our team and Inspire and motivate by sharing our thought. Work together as team take list of priorities and organized all task. Next we & our team member create an organized planning start manufacturing with Artisan’s.

Ensure proper training and schedule regular task check INS. After that selecting Weaving pattern design and product likes as bamboo MUDDA stool, chair and so on.

Then we start Listing selected products with Marketplaces and start selling. Learning about Order scheduling and about packing. We are improving packing and more things.

After increasing our sale we are launched a website with our brand name.

We are providing easy access to sustainable products.

Employment Generation

Some Village Women have Lots of Bamboo in and around house. This did not know how to use.

Then Handmakers Team provided Training for village women with Experts Artesian. Expect some fencing work.

Started Making Handicraft Item, at their house and also started selling them. This has benefit without any problem.

So some village women, who is interested working with us, some village women engaged with this business.

Handmakers Collect these items and supply all over India.  

Mostly of these rural women are self-employed entrepreneurs and lend a helping hand to their husbands’ earning to run the families better.

So Village Women, Self Employed

Artisan’s to sale them our product for us. We are sale them.


Traditional Looking



Discover Lost Art

The Art of making Bamboo Mudda and other things day by day have lost. Due to not had New Artisan’s. So we and our team trying to safe this art by Trained to New Artisan by Our Expert Artisan’s to make this Handmade & Eco-Friendly Product. Also we are trying to Every Home of Society have Eco-Friendly Environment stay with Natural Things

Waste to Value

We trained farmers to use their Farming Bio-waste (Sarkanda and Munj) to use as Furniture Art, Helps farmer Economics and also our earth keep green.


 Advocates Of Earth

Material Used for Bamboo Mudda Stool like as Bamboo (Sarkanda), Blow (Foonsh). Its Bio-Waste. “Naturally, this bio-waste material is developed on the ridge of this field” Like as

The consumption of wood decreased due to the use of bio-Waste material to make furniture. Due to which the tree began to be protected.

Using this material, neither harms the environment nor nature.


Change Customer Behaviour

As the time pass we change consumer patter for choosing the product, we develop our product range as not for craft display but as a craft utility.

In bamboo art we just make innovative options for furniture buyers.

Customer gets attracted to add these arts at their Rooms, Garden and rooftops.