Rajasthani Culture and Traditional Arts

Rajasthani Culture and Tradition 

Rajasthan has a rich heritage of its peculiar art, culture and architecture.

Rajasthan is famous of textiles, semi precious stone work and its traditional & Colorful handicrafts.


Its is the oldest handicraft in India. It comes to be practiced the fromo proto histoc times to which period are ascrbed the pottery discovered from kablbandga area a sresult of excavations.


The rajasthani potter display great skill in giving form and design to pots and supplies to people infinite variety of useful pottery. The pottery is made of such a thin layer of clay that is called kagazi. The design are done on white chalk like surface in this pottery.these are not articales daily use but only decorative object.


Textile and Embroidery

The cloth is the basic requirement of human beigns. The design and material used to give an attractive look. The traditional mthod of printing has been retained but the improved method has also been adopted.




The embroidery designs expressed even in the folk dresses are indeed fascinating. Thepopular motifs like mango, lotus peacock, elephant and camel are used on the fabric floral, fauna designs and natural scenery are embroidered upon the cloth and they produce a marvellous design to look at.


Carpet and Mats


Rajasthani carpets are known for their fast color, design and quality of craftsmanship.

Carpet are famous for Vienna pattern and wool of superior quality.wool is worked not only into pile carpet of Persian desing . but also into dhurries and shatranjis. There are some private factores producded good variety carpets


Rajasthani Mudda Stools

Rajasthani mudda stool create by colourful and printed cloth by local artistic.


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