Weaving Techinques

Weaving is a Textile Production in which two distnict set of threads are interlaced at right angel to from a jute, cotton and any fabric. Weaving is a action of creating fabric through interlacing threads.

A range of weaving techniques are used to create different types of rugs and the technique can determine the quality, design, price and their durability.

Wrap is a  Longitudinal Thraead, Lateral thread are weft.

Type of Weaving Techinques

There are many type of weaving pattern design to make beatuiful Rugs, Carpet, Doormat, Dhurries and more.

Hand Knotted Weaving Process

Hand-knotted carpets are made on specially designed looms in India. In this technique, When decied the designed of Rugs, The Rugs is placed on the loom. Wraps are then made vertically on the loom. The Artisan make knots on the warps and then cuts it before moving on to subsequent knot.

Hand Tufted Weaving Process

An artisan first places a backing fabric on an iron frame and the desired pattern is traced on it. This weaving technique involves a tufting gun with needles on its fron The artisan then uses a little wooden contraption, to push the intended yarn into the fabric, a process called tufting. 


Hand loom Weaving Process

A carpet is woven on a loom. The loom holds the vertical threads in place and allows the interweaving of the horizontal threads. A shuttle is moved across with a pedal to interlock each line.



Hand Woven Wevaing Process

Hand Woven weaving technique and the motion of the vertical or horizontal is operated by skilled human hands without using any sources. ongitudinal threads.

Braided Area Rug Weaving Process

The braided weaving technique is still popular décor to create a rustic décor, but they also work great style home. These rugs are usually made of cotton which introduces warmth and comfort with some brighter colors. Rug materials can be braided into long filaments.



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