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handmakers transparent jute bag with yellow color 13"X12"X6", pack of 10

handmakers transparent jute bag with yellow color 13"X12"X6", pack of 10

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Handmakers Transparent Jute Bag - Pack of 10 (Yellow, 13"x12"x6")

Bring a touch of eco-friendly style and practicality to your life with this set of 10 transparent jute bags. These bags are crafted with natural jute material, known for its durability and sustainability. The translucent design adds a unique touch, allowing you to showcase the contents while protecting them.


    • Pack of 10: Perfect for multiple uses or gifting.
    • Yellow color: Adds a vibrant pop of color.
    • 13"x12"x6" size: Spacious enough for carrying various items.
    • Transparent design: Allows you to see the contents easily.
    • Natural jute material: Eco-friendly and durable.
    • Stylish and practical: Ideal for everyday use, gifting, or special occasions.


    • Sustainable: Jute is a biodegradable and renewable resource.
    • Durable: These bags are strong and can withstand heavy weight.
    • Versatile: Use them for shopping, groceries, gifts, storage, and more.
    • Lightweight: Easy to carry and store.
    • Stylish: The transparent design and yellow color add a touch of personality.

Order your Handmakers Transparent Jute Bags today and experience the perfect blend of style and sustainability!

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